ARDUINO: Video series

16 April 2021

Being part of the technical world can feel like you’re in an information whirlwind,IEEE PES MSIT on the occasion of PES Day-2021 decided to come up with a video series of in-demand skills to open up students with the latest Technologies and Automation. TECH-SIMPLIFIED is the name of the video series, which is free for all the students and faculties to spectate. The videos cover the roadmaps of the topic Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Machine Learning, and much more. The domain for the first video was Arduino. The platform used was Youtube, to keep things simple for everyone. The video was released at 6 pm. Over 100 students went through the video with great enthusiasm. IEEE PES MSIT took this initiative with an aim to open up different sectors of Technologies and Automations to the students. This video series is the best way of learning skills that do not feel like traditional activities and give students the opportunity to attain different fields of knowledge to produce maximum outputs.