04 Sept. 2021

IEEE PES MSIT and IEEE PES-IAS Delhi Section, has an aim to provide an aid to the students to get familiar with some amazing skills and boost their knowledge. A guest lecture on the topic Basics of Power System Resilience & its Importance Globally. In addition to this, the students were also provided with hands-on experience. The webinar started with a brief introduction of the speaker for the session who was Mr. Chandan Kumar who is the Manager of System Study and Reliability Eastern Regional Load Dispatch Centre in Kolkata POSOCO, MIEEE, MIEEE-PES. He used the concept of CIGRE C2.25 WG and C4.47 WG which helped the students to get a proper understanding of the topics. The key feature of the event was the experience students got on Operational Resilience and Infrastructure Resilience, because of the session being a hands-on session, the students were able to grasp the concepts with ease. The interactive webinar was a great success and was attended by 100+ people, the students put forward their questions to the speaker enthusiastically and got them all answered. The webinar proved to be a huge benefit for the students and was highly appreciated by everyone.