08 Oct. 2021

On the occasion of IEEE Day, IEEE MSIT RAS hosted a treasure hunt. The objective of the treasure hunt was to familiarize participants with IEEE MSIT’s various social media platforms and to make the participants acquainted with the numerous aspects of IEEE. The event was organized virtually and was spread amongst various platforms. The clues given to the participants lead them to different social media platforms which are associated with IEEE MSIT. The hunt started with the initial question given in the Whatsapp group created for the Treasure Hunt which then guided the participants to IEEE MSIT’s Instagram story. The proceeding hint led them to the IEEE MSIT’s official website from where they had to decode the hint and send a certain combination to the organizers who’d then give them their next clue. The hint leads the participants to the comment section of a reel posted regarding an event from where they were led to the Linktree in Instagram’s bio. The Linktree contained a link to a google form, after deciphering which they reached a locked pdf. The participants could find the hint regarding the password of the locked PDF in the google form itself. The first three participants to finish all the questions and unlock the pdf in the shortest duration of time were announced as the winner of this event. The event saw active participation. This online event had around 70+ participants. The event also received overwhelming feedback from the participants. Keywords: treasure hunt, social media, Instagram, google form, pdf