04 July 2021

IEEE MSIT RAS organized an online workshop on “How to Master Data Structures & Algorithms?” in collaboration with PrepBytes. PrepBytes is an initiative to help students in their placement preparations targeting Software development/engineering, Analyst & Product based roles in IT/Internet/Analytics companies. The agenda of the workshop was to make the students understand the importance of Data Structure and Algorithms, how to plan their data structures and algorithm journey and how to prioritize data structures and algorithm subject topics. Furthermore, the webinar put ample stress on highlighting the importance of implementation-based learning of data structures and algorithms. Our Expert Mentor for the session was Mamta Kumari. Mamta Kumari is the Co-Founder of PrepBytes and the former SDE of Amazon and Samsung. She has worked across two teams of Last-Mile Delivery in Amazon and has worked on several features of the Amazon Collect Android app which is used by shop owners to keep track of their deliveries, incentives, etc. She was also instrumental in launching this app in Japan. She has also been a part of the IRIS team. Our mentor for the session guided the students on how to begin with their data structures and algorithm journey by carefully explaining how to plan and prioritize the topics. The mentor also discussed several platforms to practice and shared several resources to aid the students to enhance their learning. Lastly, the workshop broached the topic of placements and discussed what companies look for during the recruitment process. The online workshop had a great turnover with more than 50 attendees. It can be proudly stated that this initiative proved to be beneficial to students as it helped them become well informed about the path to take to start with their data structures and algorithms journey. Keywords: Data structures, algorithms, interactive session, zoom, placement