Morph and Maneuver : Picture editing competition

04 Oct. 2021

IEEE WIE, MSIT in the celebration of IEEE Day hosted an online picture editing competition . The motive of the competition was to unleash the creativity and the editing skills of the students, to test their creative mettle. It was an extremely fun, engaging and a competitive challenge. In this pandemic, it was truly very insightful to see beautiful edits on the pictures by the participants. Participants were free to use any software to morph,edit the picture in any way possible on the picture provided by us. The participants were given interesting and engaging pictures to morph. The participants used their creative skills and brilliance to think over and produce beautiful and eye-catchy results in the two day long challenge. The final submission was made through the google forms. It definitely proved to be a cutting-edge competition and the students made it difficult for the team to judge. Everybody used their creative mettle and were able to produce beautiful designs using their skills. The challenge definitely proved to be a fruitful one and was able to unleash the creativity of the participants well. The competition saw a good participation and we received 22 entries of the beautiful edits on the pictures provided to them by the team.. It can be proudly stated that IEEE WIE, MSIT was able to successfully host the online picture editing competition which gave all the participants a golden opportunity to showcase their creativity and do wonderful edits.They got a chance to put their skills to the test and it no doubt bought out their creative mettle!