Mix with Wix : Website designing Competition

24 June 2021

IEEE WIE, MSIT on International Women in Engineering Day hosted an online website designing competition on the Wix platform. The motive of the competition was to use the creativity and brilliance of the students to create beautiful websites and also introduce them to a new and easy platform for designing websites. It was an extremely fun, engaging and a competitive challenge. With pandemic driving life online and technology playing a significant role, we believe one should know how to develop websites to fend off their businesses. With this mindset, the participants were given interesting and engaging surprise themes on the 24th of June. The participants explored different designs and how to create a beautiful website out of a template in this one day long challenge. The key takeaway of the competition was the knowledge to create an eye-catchy business website in such a short span of time. It definitely proved to be a cutting-edge competition and the students made it difficult for the team to judge. Everybody used the platform well and were able to produce beautiful designs using their skills. The designs were such that in a way it promotes their service/product so that it can hold the attention of the customer visiting their page. The challenge definitely proved to be a fruitful one and gave the participants an insight and the confidence to create business websites without much pain which successfully promotes a brand. The competition saw a good participation with around 50 participants creating their own websites. It can be proudly stated that IEEE WIE, MSIT was able to successfully host the online website designing challenge which gave all the participants a golden opportunity to learn and create beautiful websites. The participants sharpened their knowledge and updated themselves with the new Wix platform. They got a chance to put their skills to the test and push their limits in the world of website designing