Journey to GSoc

08 Aug. 2021

Agenda: Google Summer of Code is one of the most prestigious student programs that encourages participation of students in open source . A lot of open source enthusiasts were really interested in knowing how to become a part of this program. They wanted a clear roadmap to pursue a path to GSoc. IEEE MSIT decided to conduct a webinar to guide students on how to approach GSoc. About the Speaker: There was one moderator and two speakers for this event. The moderator for this event was Akanksha Pant and the speaker for this event was Dev Sebastian who was a part of GSoc’21 and Ayush Mittal who was a part of GSoc’20 . The speakers held an open ended discussion with the moderator where they discussed the path to GSoc. They answered the doubts various participants asked during the session. Attendance : The event was joined by students who were excited to learn about GSoc. The event saw participation of 70+ students. The students were able to clear their doubts about GSoc by the end of the session. Keywords : GSoc, opensource.