03 Oct. 2021

Agenda : IEEE day is celebrated every year in the month of October to commemorate the first ever meeting of predecessors of IEEE to share technical ideas. IEEE MSIT celebrated the legacy of IEEE by conducting an event to celebrate the remarkable achievements of IEEE and letting the students learn about various achievements of IEEE and how they can benefit from being part of this society. About the Speaker : There were 2 major speakers for this event. Ashish Kapoor, who is an IEEE MSIT alumni and ex - vice chairperson of IEEE MSIT and Himanshu Babbar who is also an ex alumni and he headed the special interest group for web development. They talked about their own tenure in IEEE MSIT. They explained how IEEE was beneficial for them while they were building their projects and that networking with other IEEE MSIT members was a great experience. They also talked about the importance of working with a team. Attendance : The event saw a really active participation of students from various fields and courses. Almost 60 plus attendees joined the meeting to clear their queries. This event was successful in celebrating the legacy of IEEE.