CrypTrade - Mock trading competition

28 May 2021

IEEE WIE, MSIT in collaboration with Roostoo hosted an online mock trading competition which aimed at exposing the participants to a first-hand trading experience and the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies. The motive of the event was to introduce the beginners with real-world trading and get a better understanding of trading strategies and portfolio management. It was an extremely fun, informative and competitive challenge. Our curriculum does not include financial education as a subject. As a result, many students don't know the importance of early investments, about stock markets and the emerging world of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, those who want to learn more about trading or about crypto step back in the initial stages due to the risks overhead. With CrypTrade on Crypto Exchange Stimulator - Roostoo, each participant was able to experience the exact mirror of real-life crypto trading. Every participant placed their bets, purchased different cryptocurrencies with the initial virtual money given to them at the start of the three-day long challenge. Each participant was able to view the market, how the stocks were changing with time and how it led to their profit/losses. The leaderboard and the profile of every participant was updated timely. It provided an opportunity to understand the cryptocurrency investment market and the participants competed to get the maximum return rate using their financial/investment skills and intuitions. Towards the end of the competition, the one with the highest return rate on the leaderboard was declared the winner. The competition saw a huge participation with around 250 crypt enthusiasts placing their bets in the three-day long challenge. It can be proudly stated that IEEE WIE, MSIT was able to successfully host the online CrypTrade challenge which gave all the participants a golden opportunity to learn crypto trading. The participants sharpened their knowledge and updated themselves with the latest trends of cryptocurrency. They got a chance to put their skills to the test and push their limits in the battle of cryptocurrency.