Benefits of IEEE Membership

19 May 2021

A lot of people in the college decided to take up IEEE membership . They were aware that IEEE offers a sense of community and support but they were not aware of a lot of other major advantages that IEEE has to offer. To enlighten the students an event was organized by IEEE MSIT on 19 May 2021 on Google Meet at 5 PM. The students were also made aware of chapter specific memberships. Kshitiz Saxena was the main speaker for this event and there were 4 other speakers for this event. He coordinated the entire event and explained the various benefits of being part of the IEEE organization. Then the other speakers explained the benefits of chapter specific membership. Arvind Agarwal explained the benefits of Computer Society , Prashant Mishra told about the benefits of Robotics and Automation Society, Anshul enlightened the attendees about Power and Energy Society and Shubha spoke about Women In Engineering Chapter.