18 May 2021

IEEE MSIT RAS organised a Talk show with an industrial expert to discuss various aspects of the field of electronics and communication. The agenda of the discussion was to make students acquainted with major domains in the field of electronics and to understand the reasons for the slow growth of electronics domain in India and become conversant with the scope it holds. Furthermore, the discussion broached the topics of projects, interviews and placements as the speaker guided the audience members through the know-how of electronics domain to help them evaluate their career goals and be cognizant of the industry. The invited speaker for the session, Mr. Santanu Roy is the managing director of EDS India which is one of the top 10 promising electronics design houses in India. Established in 2015, EDS-India has been working on every domain of electronic design ever since. EDS-India possesses expertise in Analog & Digital designs, Power electronics, Embedded electronics, IoT, Communication systems and many more. With over 26 years of expertise in the field of Embedded Systems, Mr. Santanu Roy has worked with companies like DAN electronics systems, STMicroelectronics, Pentair water India, and Narnix technologies. Tanya Bansal, 3rd year student in the branch of electronic and communication and the Vice Chair of IEEE MSIT RAS, interviewed Mr. Santanu Roy and presented the questions which were submitted by students of various domains. The YouTube Live session garnered over 450 views within one hour of its premiere. The audience members also interacted actively in the live chat. It can be proudly stated that this initiative proved to be beneficial to students as it helped them become well informed about the field of electronics and communication.