Financial Planning for Young Professionals

15 May 2021

IEEE WIE, MSIT in collaboration with HerMoney Talks and BSE India Ltd. organized an event Financial Planning for Young Professionals, a webinar focusing on financial literacy. Students often do not participate in financial discussions at home. The motive of this financial literacy program was to make the students corporate ready before they step out of their colleges. This session focused on making the students know about capital markets and investing in equity. The speaker for the session was Ms. Roshni Nayak. She is a financial planner and coach since the last decade, helping clients achieve holistic financial well-being in a structured manner. She completed the CFP certification from FPSB, India, and then QPFP course from Network FP. It was an extremely informative session. Our curriculum does not include financial education as a subject. As a result teens get into the habit of spending money rather than saving/investing and many do not have basic financial literacy. Poor financial wellness of employees starts with lack of financial education as students. The speaker very effectively spoke about the importance of investing the money from the early stages itself at secure places so that they can get a good amount in the near future. Furthermore, through various statistics and questions to ponder on, the speaker educated the participants about some very important topics like how mutual funds work, power of compounding, time value for money. Towards the end of the session, the audience asked their doubts and queries and a lot of interesting questions on stock market, cryptocurrency came up which were answered in a very zealous manner by the speaker. The interactive webinar had a great turn over with more than 130 attendees and nullified all the queries like where to invest, when to invest, how to start. The session highlighted the importance of investing in equity and what is capital markets. It can be proudly stated that this initiative proved to be very fruitful to students who lack financial education. Financial literacy not only reduces the gender gap, it also helps the students to grab the importance of organizing their money to meet life’s demand after college. Most of the doubts were cleared very effectively by the speaker Ms. Roshni Nayak.