International Education Ecosystem

08 April 2021

IEEE MSIT strongly believes in creating an environment that can expose its students to all the opportunities that are available across the globe. It encourages its students to take advantage of these opportunities and guides them so that they can pursue a career path of their choice. Keeping this in mind, IEEE MSIT conducted a workshop in collaboration with IDP consultancy, on 8 April 2020 on Zoom at 4:00 PM to guide students on how to pursue their higher education from foreign universities. There were 2 people who coordinated the entire event. One from our team Rajat Singh, a second-year student having a core in electronics and communication and the Web-master of IEEE MSIT RAS and one from the IDP's team and there were 4 speakers. Firstly, Sakshi Lamba gave us deep insights on pursuing higher studies in Australia. She told us about the entire application process and about famous universities in Australia. Then another really knowledgeable speaker Harpreet Kaur told us about the advantages of gaining higher education from the UK. Pragya Chaturvedi introduced the audience to universities and the application process in the USA. Finally, Rashi Lamba finished by telling all the students about how to pursue their foreign education from Canada. After the speakers were done explaining, several students in the audience asked their doubts. The speakers patiently cleared all their doubts. The event ended with IEEE MSIT thanking IDP for conducting such a wonderful session.