IEEE-the bigger picture webinar

10 Jan. 2021

IEEE MSIT with a vision and aim to give exposure to young minds about the plethora of opportunities and advancements that are present in the real world today and help them explore their interests on a higher level organized “CONVERSE: IEEE-the bigger picture”, an interactive webinar touching various topics like career prospects, entrepreneurship, leadership, networking, outreach and much more with a panel of experts adept in their various fields. The sessions started with great enthusiasm from the panelists as well as the students. All the panelists took turns engaging the audience by sharing the wisdom they gained from all these years of hard work. They also shared the stories of their failure and times when they felt like giving up, and guided them on what to do in situations like these. The students raised several doubts which were all answered with great words of advice by the panelists. There were four panelists present for the webinar. The first one was Mr. Amit Goswami, a senior executive at Bharti Airtel. He had previously served at various positions in IEEE and is currently the vice-chair young professional and chair of students coordination 2020. The second speaker was Ms. Ishani Pandey who is a software engineer at Microsoft and co-founder of quicksort, a platform where they teach how to excel in interviews and coding. She was also a part of IEEE and served as the treasury manager of IEEE Delhi Section ( 2019 - 2020 ). The third panelist was Ms. Vidya K Jagadeesh, an engineer at Qualcomm working in the development and testing of wireless communication devices. She graduated from NIT Nagpur with M Tech in communication system engineering where IEEE had influenced her a lot in building her career. The fourth panelist was Mr. Amit Gupta, former Vice President for IEEE MTTS, MSIT and now working at A G Continental as an automotive engineer for 3 years. He is an MSIT alumnus who organized many successful events during his tenure. He’s extremely passionate about technology and a music enthusiast. The fun-filled and highly informative panel discussion was 90 minutes long and was attended by more than 200 students. All the attendees were inspired by all the motivation and words of wisdom they received. It can be concluded that the session was fruitful and proved to be of great importance to the freshers as well as the other attendees.