Evince: The Spectrum of IEEE MSIT

09 Jan. 2021

IEEE MSIT with the aim of “leading a wave of change” aspires to achieve excellence in all its endeavors. The Student Branch committed to helping young undergraduates evaluate their career goals, polish their technical skillset, and create the building blocks of a lifelong and diverse professional network by providing them a plethora of opportunities. To achieve the same IEEE MSIT conducted the Orientation Session for students of IEEE MSIT called EVINCE: The spectrum of IEEE MSIT on their YouTube Channel at 4:30 pm. The event commenced with an inauguration speech presented by Tanya Bansal wherein Lighting the Lamp took place in an online mode followed by inspiring words by Dr. Anupama Kaushik, the Branch Counselor of IEEE MSIT and the Chapter Advisors. The guest of honor for the event was Prof. AK Singh. Before beginning with the main event an online poll was conducted which resulted in an active engagement with the first-year students. Vandita Sharan shared about the structure of IEEE at a Global Level after which a glimpse of life at IEEE MSIT was briefed to students through a short video which received immense love later on. Further, Anubhuti Sinha explained the structure of IEEE MSIT which included a brief explanation of various chapters and affinity groups. After which Ashmita was invited to brief about the activities conducted by the society which provided insight to students about the amazing opportunities one gets when they join the society. Further, various projects taken up by the IEEE Members like the E-notice board, the TPE app, placement software, and many others were explained by Aniket. Another poll was conducted to see which project was the most liked one and the bibliotica turned out to the most liked one. After this, Tanishq briefed about the achievements of the society and Paras elaborated the various benefits one gets when one becomes a member of the society. The session ended with a fun quiz held online at the Kahoot platform and the winner received a 100% discount on the IEEE Membership for a year.