Power Electronic Simulation - Simplified

19 Sept. 2020

IEEE PES MSIT collaborated with the department of EEE, MSIT, and in association with Pantech, organized another webinar with PANTECH- E BYTES 2020- A webinar session on Power Electronic Simulation-Simplified. The event was live on YouTube and witnessed over 4100 viewers. The main aim of the webinar was to share the knowledge of the latest and trending skills and technologies to the students by industrial experts. The session was one hour long and the students were engrossed in gaining the knowledge the entire time. They received insights into the latest industrial standards and applications on the domain which was desired. About Pantech: Pantech group of companies has been one of the tops of the technical sharing companies in many domains. The knowledge-sharing series is another initiative by the company, the objective being the stimulation of the technical know-how and enthusiastic learning among the students and the staff. The consideration of the power electronic stimulation was given to the following: ● Designing and validating new topologies and control strategies ● Optimizing system behavior using model libraries of energy sources, power semiconductors, passive circuit elements, and machines such as PMSM and induction motors ● Analyzing system response to faults and abnormal conditions ● Eliminating design problems found through simulation before moving to implementation ● Reusing models to speed up design iterations and next-generation projects