Readiate Orientation

17 Aug. 2020

IEEE WIE MSIT hosted a successful orientation of the paper reading and implementation club, Readiate. The event was hosted on August 17, 2020 from 7pm to 8pm on the Google Meets platform. Readiate is a step towards building a community of innovative minds to read, discuss and implement empirical and state-of-the-art research. The orientation began with the introduction of IEEE WIE Affinity Group and the aim behind the initiative, Readiate. Readiate is a collective effort for the students, by the students, to come together and read research papers. It aims to eliminate the trouble to get factual information on research papers, in spite of attending a lot of webinars. We aim to support you in your tech journey by talking about new technologies, reading papers, implementing codes and also writing research papers in future. Further the Rules and Guidelines of the club were discussed with the attendees along with the workflow which included : 1. Selecting a Paper or Research Article : This will be a collaborative process among members via polls and majorities. The papers will be divided by fields and a specific time range will be set to read the paper. 2. Prior Discussion : An introductory session will be hosted about the paper to share insights and have a discussion. 3. Reading Period : This period will be the individual process of reading the paper. The length of this period will depend upon the length of the paper. 4. Convening Session : The final convening session will include discussion about the new findings and learnings everyone gained. Also discussion about how to move forward with the paper. The attendees were then informed about the perks and benefits of being a member of Readiate, which are as follows : 1. Chance to become a Convener : The Convener will host the meetings and lead the group by reading the paper and discussing their learnings. 2. Blog Publication : Get your blog post published on readiate’s medium publication. 3. Leadership Opportunity : Take the lead and implement the research paper, find like minded people to collaborate with. 4. Community : Become a part of the community and learn together. With this the meeting ended with a Q & A session and all the doubts were looked upon and well answered by the moderators. The interactive webinar had a great turn over with more than 30 attendees (IEEE members-10; non IEEE members-20) and were then informed about the perks and benefits of being a member of Readiate.