Pandemic-Proof Resume Building

26 July 2020

IEEE Computer Society at Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology conducted an interactive webinar on Resume Building with Mr. Prakhar Srivastava as the speaker on 26th July 2020 at 4:00 PM. Mr. Prakhar Srivastava is an MSIT alumnus & is currently serving as a Data Engineer at Atlan. He was a mentor at Google Code-in, Coursera & He has been a Student Developer at Google Summer of Code 2018 and has conducted 'Machine Learning' sessions at IEEE MSIT for the session 2017-18. He was also a DRI at Stanford Scholar Initiative. The session focused on the following topics: ● Importance of a Good Resume. ● Selection Criteria for resumes during placement. ● Customizing Resume Templates. ● Personalizing content as per the job profile. Mr. Prakhar shared in-depth knowledge about the relevance and importance of resume to the recruiter and shared his philosophy regarding the KISS rule which stands for ‘Keep it Simple Silly’. He showed examples of good vs bad resume templates and how one could improve the various sections on their resume. Some amazing resources including: ● Overleaf & ● Microsoft Word were also suggested and to individualize the experience, some resumes of the audience members were also reviewed by him. The session saw an audience of more than fifty people who were enthusiastic and got hands on knowledge from Mr. Prakhar. Keywords: Pandemic, Resume Building