Workshop for Web Development and Machine Learning

22 Nov. 2020

IEEE MSIT is one of the most active societies of IPU at organizing technical and professional events and one such event in collaboration with Skills Freaks which was the frontend web development and Machine learning workshop which was organized on 21-22 and 28-29 of November 2020, this was a great learning experience for budding web developer enthusiasts. The web development workshop was mentored by Mr. Hamid Asraf who is currently working as a senior full stack developer at Tech Genies and has professional experience of 4 years in this field, on the other hand the Machine Learning workshop was mentored by Mr. Harshit Oberoi who is a former BITS Pilani student, a data scientist and has worked for two years with Samsung and is currently working at The two-day web development workshop began with an introduction of the mentor and then the workshop proceeded as per schedule. The first day the initial session was about how HTML structures were implemented and a detailed explanation on practical CSS styling was given which we know is the key to better user experience while using an interface, then came a detailed elucidation on core topics such as Bootstrap Material UI and Icons. The second day of the workshop marked its beginning with an introduction on JavaScript and DOM Manipulation and these topics were build upon in greater detail as the workshop proceeded. Then the mentors had great insights and suggestions on CSS animation and Media queries, with this the workshop ended. The second was the workshop on Machine Learning here the session began with python basics and what Machine Learning is and how it can help the world build better software systems, next came the difference between ML, AI and DL this also included a brief talk on how ML is an application of AI and not a completely different field as perceived by many. On the next day there was a revision of basic calculus followed by a session of Linear Regression (LIVE CODING) then came the topics such as Overfitting Vs Underfitting, Logistic Regression and training, validation and testing. Day 3 and 4 were even more engaging with introduction and discussion on the Decision tree algorithm and Random forest testing algorithm, this was ensued by a lecture on gradient boosting trees, neural network basics, Forward backward propagation, then there was another session of Live Coding followed by a revision of all the topics of the workshop. Lastly the workshop concluded with an open placement and career advice session. The workshop was full packed and encountered a lot of enthusiast learners (more than 50 people) and all together these workshops which come as a superb learning experience for the young minds of our country should be held more often and it comes as better opportunity for all the learners out there.