Deliberate Research Reading Practice

23 Aug. 2020

IEEE WIE MSIT hosted another power-packed session, Deliberate Research Reading Practice with Mr. Aakash Bansal, a notable alumnus of MSIT and currently a Ph.D. Researcher at Loughborough University, UK. The session revolved around the know-how of research papers and how to make the most out of them. The session started off with a discussion on how to read a research paper and the different types of research papers which are as follows, 1. Research Paper: A research paper is something in which we present something new in the scientific community. 2. Review Papers: A review paper is something one takes up and reviews it accordingly. 3. White Papers : This paper is published by the companies and it talks about new technologies and potential applications and how that company is using that application. We further discussed the anatomy of a paper. A research paper starts with title, authors, followed by the abstract, introduction, and description of the paper. Following the results, acknowledgments, and references. We went ahead with a discussion on how to choose a research paper? In order to choose a research paper effectively based on one's interests, one should go through its abstraction, as abstract is the key. It gives away the major details of the paper which helps us decide whether or not the paper is right for us. To collaborate with people effectively, one should be socially active on LinkedIn and ResearchGate. One should research well about the group they want to collaborate with and tailor emails accordingly. You can collaborate with fellow students, professors, or anyone in your tech circle. With this, the meeting ended with a Q & A session, and all the doubts were looked upon and well answered by the moderators. Keywords: Research Papers, Reading, Higher Education