CodeRush MSIT

06 Oct. 2020

Date : 6 October 2020 Time : 7pm – 8pm Platform : HackerRank This IEEE day, IEEE WIE brought an exciting coding contest, CodeRush MSIT, on October 6, 2020, from 7 PM to 8 PM. This contest was open for students from all colleges. Participation could be done in teams of two, with at least one female member. The event was organised with the aim to promote women in the field of technology and giving everyone equal opportunity. For individual participation, only female students could apply. The contest was held on HackerRank with predefined rules after proper registrations. Three problems had to be solved within one hour. The questions were designed by Harshdeep Arora, Problem Setter and were tested by Anurag Lal, Problem Tester. The coding contest had over 70 enthusiastic participants brainstorming over challenging problems. The top three winners of the contest were awarded with certificates by IEEE MSIT. It can be proudly stated that this coding contest proved to be very insightful and an engaging event for all the participants. Keywords : Coding, Contest, HackerRank, Problem Solving.