18 Sept. 2018

In line with the IEEE vision to advance technology for humanity, the IEEE Delhi Section Executive Committee and Delhi Section SIGHT organized a visit to a rural village which technologies are not as advanced as urban areas. The first visit took place on 4th October 2017 and was successful in surveying the needs of village. This is a repeat visit to the same village that took place on 8th September 2018 to give villagers real exposure to Solar micro power plant. A team of 10 young IEEE Volunteers led by Mr Ravindra Joshi, IEEE Delhi Section SIGHT & HTC visited Girdharpur village near Hapur district, NCT, Uttar Pradesh State with a goal of installing 2 nos micro off-grid Solar power units. The team was able to get a clear insight into the real-daily life problems faced by the rural community. According to the on-ground research, the team was able to understand certain basic problems such as energy supply and how solar power can penetrate villages.