Code Vartalap

21 Sept. 2019

The main objective of this event was to make the freshers aware of the many fields of computer science, the competitions they can participate in, various scholarships and awards in this field and nonetheless, how to survive 4 years in college. The event was organized by IEEE CS and the speakers were Yukti Mohan, Abhishek Parashar, Brayan Abraham, Ankush Garg, Jatin Bindra and Aditya Gupta. More than 70 students attended the seminar. The audience was very supportive and responsive. While Yukti talked about various domains in Computer Science such as Data Science, AppD, WebD, Cyber Security, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Game development and so on, Jatin and Aditya talked about various scholarships and awards under IEEE and IEEE CS (Global). Abhishek talked about hackathons and other competitions in which the students can apply their skills. At the end, Brayan and Ankush had a lively interaction with the students and gave them some tips as to how to survive college.