Benefits of IEEE

18 Oct. 2019

By: Tanisha Beri
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics for Engineers (IEEE) is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of technology and ideas for the benefit of society. IEEE is the world’s largest technical society that provides a platform for various career and networking opportunities, access to vital technical information, and skill-building exercises. IEEE publishes various magazines like IEEE Spectrum and IEEE Potentials which are issued monthly. IEEE MSIT comprises of one Affinity group, namely, Women In Engineering (WIE) and the following technical chapters: 1) Computer Society (CS) 2) Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) 3) Power and Energy Society (PES) IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE) is one of the biggest international associations focused on inspiring girls to follow their interests and pursue engineering. It offers various networking opportunities, awards, travel grants, jobs and scholarships to its members. The 2U Scholarship is a program, which, in partnership with several prestigious universities like Berkley School of Information and Whitman Syracuse University, provides tuition benefits up to $10,000. IEEE Computer Society (CS) is a technical society that was created to promote and support research related to computer science and its applications. It offers its members a variety of resources and services to keep them updated with technology like ComputerEdge Magazine, access to its Digital Library, 200+ conferences and many more. It provides scholarships like the Richard E. Merwin Scholarship and felicitates the students with awards like the Lance Stafford Larson Paper Contest to encourage academic excellence and recognize their efforts. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) is a professional society whose main aim is research and development in the fields of robotics and automation not only to benefit its members but also humanity. It provides the platform to exchange technical information and ideas using technical publications, conferences, etc. Its members enjoy various benefits like reduced subscription rates for co-sponsored publications and access to leading industry publications. It also has awards like the RAS Pioneer Award and the IEEE RAS Early Academic Career Award in Robotics and Automation to recognize individuals who have had an impact on society through their research in Robotics and Automation. Power and Energy Society (PES) is the oldest society of IEEE whose mission is to be the leading researcher of the scientific information about electric power and energy for the betterment of society. Its members derive numerous benefits from it like free subscriptions to PES magazines and free access to technical tutorials, reports, presentations etc. They also enjoy discounts at various conferences. IEEE India has instituted the IEEE PES India Scholarship Award (IPISA) to provide adequate opportunities and exposure to selected students.