Message From The Branch

IEEE MSIT SB is an initiative to bring exposure to the members about the advancements in the technical field, build confidence and interaction with experts. It envisions to "Lead a wave of change" through its technical advents for the betterment of society.

Since it's inception in 2009, a team of conscientious and zealous IEEE volunteers, holding various positions of responsibility, work with utmost dedication to make each event a huge success.

IEEE MSIT SB works into building the college's biggest technical society for engineering, computing, and technology information.

It has served as an effective networking channel bringing together the the past and present members together who complement the other in collectively contributing to ideas and projects.

‎ IEEE MSIT SB has been subject to several upgrades and with each new development, it has striven to reach closer to it's goals.

Our Chapters and Affinity Groups